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Soon Valley is a tehsil of District Khushab in Punjab Province. Khushab lies on the Sargodha-Mianwali Road. Soon Valley is a 90 KM in length mountainous terrain with a number of lakes, waterfalls, ponds & streams. It’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited regio
<h4>Route Map of the Soon Valley</h4>You can easily access the valley while you are coming either from Lahore or from Islamabad on Motorways M-2. The valley can be accessed from either Khushab city or from Jabba on main Sargodha-Mianwali highway. The road from Khushab city to nowshehra is completly rough, while from Jabba is just fine.
Nowshehra is the main town and tehsil headquarter of the valley. It is also the center point between various tourist attractions in the valley. One road from the town would take you to Sakesar, the highest point of the valley and another to the Khabeki Lake
<h4>Tourist Attractions</h4>There are many places in the valley to visit and explore. Many places are still thought to be un-explored completely due to remoteness. I’m only stating places here with significant number of tourists visiting each year.

1. Uchhali Lake

2. Khabeki Lake

3. Kanhatti Garden

4. Kanhatti Waterfall

5. Sarakki

6. Depp Sharif Ponds

7. Kufri

8. Sodhi Bagh

9. Jahlar Lake

From Nowshehra to Sakesar, you can reach Uchhali Lake, Depp Sharif Ponds & Kufri. Otherwise from Nowshehra to Jabba, you can reach Khabeki Lake, Kanhatti Garden & Waterfall. Sarakki & Jahlar Lake are located rather on Khushab-Nowshehra road. While Sodhi Bagh is located on Sargodha-Nowshehra Road.

Boating facilities are available at the Uchhali & Khabeki Lakes. Uchhali Lake is the largest lake in the valley. During winters, both lakes are covered by migratory birds from Siberia.

<h4>Traveling in the valley</h4>

Best way to explore the valley is on your own vehicle. You can access all of these places easily on your vehicle. Otherwise regular public transport service is available from Khushab, Sargodha & Lahore. Remember you can access all of these places easily from Nowshehra, so try to reach Nowshehra first and than to other places in the valley.<h4>Gallery</h4>Here are pictures from soon valley. These are captured during The Tourist’s tour to Soon Valley in Feb, 2017.

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