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A Letter of Invitation(LOI) or an invitation letter is a requirement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan when you are applying for a visa. Only a registered tourism agency should issue the invitation letter. And it is a mandatory document required to get the Tourist or Trekking visa. The issuing tour operator would act as your liaison for the visa processing.

Moreover, we at The Tourist are a registered company in Pakistan and are offering free invitation letter to anyone on our booked tours. Furthermore, The Tourist organizes small group tailor-made tours for foreigners across Pakistan. We can also offer you an invitation letter if you book a small tour with us or you book an accommodation in our partner hotels in Pakistan along with a processing fee of USD 75. Lastly, The Tourist offers complete visa assistance for you along with the Invitation Letter.

Documents Required for LOI

We need you to share these documents for fast processing of your Invitation Letter.

  1. Scanned Copy of your passport
  2. Traveling Dates
  3. Travel Itinerary
  4. Areas your are planning to visit (If you aren’t booking a tour with us)
  5. Contact Details (Email & Whatsapp)

You can send us payment using IBFT in our local Pakistani bank or use western union. However It would take us One working day to send an invitation letter. We would also be sharing our license & scanned copy of CNIC of our director. Altogether these documents are required with your invitation letter.

Our partner hotels:

We own & operate a beautiful hotel in Naltar Valley, Mehmaan Resort. Furthermore, other partner hotels includes Five Giants at Danyore near Gilgit and Madina Hotel 2 at Gilgit city. Moreover, if you only want a LOI from us without booking complete tour with us, you can book a day tour with us OR get a booking in these hotels and a processing fee of USD 75.

How to Apply for Pakistan Visa:

You can apply online here for an E-Visa along with these documents:

  1. Letter of Invitation (LOI)
  2. Scanned Copy of your passport (jpeg format & not more than 500kb).
  3. Passport size picture with white background
  4. License of Tour Operator issuing the LOI
  5. Scanned copy of CNIC from the Director of the tourism company issuing the Invitation Letter

Step 1:

Go to the Pakistan E-visa Portal and make registration. Click the “Tourist Visa” button under “Visa Categories” and it will lead you to the info page about tourist visas. You would be prompted to create a new account or log in to an existing account when clicking “Apply now”.

Step 2:

Once registered you can start your application. Furthermore, you must keep an hour for this as it may take an hour or more to fill all the forms. Most of the questions are unnecessary but you have to fill out the entire form.

Step 3:

If you will upload your complete travel plan in the application, there are more chances to get fast approval.

After you’ve finished your application, it’s time to pay. The visa cost varies for each nationality, you can pay with your Visa or MasterCard. Secondly the payment got rejected due to system issues. It will be accepted when trying multiple times.

Step 4:

Once you have paid and payment is done you have to submit the application again else the application will remain open and it will not be processed. You will receive a confirmation email for submission of the application.

Approval of a visa normally takes 5-7 working days. If you haven’t heard anything after 7 working days, contact them directly via the e-visa portal. Moreover it’s possible they need additional documentation from you.

New Category of Visa in Your Inbox

Government announced a new category .Tourists can apply for the visa in your inbox and they will get the electronic travel authorization. The visa will be stamped on arrival at the airport. You can checkout the list of the nationalities, who can apply for this visa.

Pakistan Visa During COVID-19 Period

Authorities regularly update Pakistan visa system. The things have already changed a lot during the covid. The country is currently fully open for tourists and you can apply for visas online. Visa processing time depends on the nationality of the tourist and it can take up to 7 days. Tourists from 191 Countries are allowed to Apply for Pakistan’s E-Visa.

Please feel free to write us about any queries regarding your visa assistance or an adventure filled tour across Pakistan. You can also write to us about planning a customized tour for you across Pakistan.

Update on COVID policy

Government abolished the requirement of a Negative PCR Test when you are arriving to Pakistan. This would remain abolished till 31st March, 2022.

Letter for Pakistan Visa Extension

If you are planning to extend your visa you can apply for an online visa extension here. We can provide you with the Sponsor letter for visa extension.


  • Scanned Passport or Readable Picture of Passport
  • Extension from (Date)
  • Extension Days (Total Days)

Here are our contact details:
Pakistan: +92 315 4132296
Germany: +49 1515 6532999

Or visit our FAQ’s, if you have any further questions regarding the Invitation Letter.

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