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Miranjani is the highest peak in the galiyat region. Galiyat is a region in District Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The region is accessible from Murree, Muzaffarabad & Abbottabad. Miranjani has an altitude of 9872 Ft. (3008 M). The peak lies in the Ayubia National Park. There’s only one track leading to the top from Nathia Gali. And the other track is coming from Dagri Bangla Rest house, Abbottabad. The second highest peak in the region is Mushkpuri. The track to Miranjani is accessible round the year. The track is of medium level difficulty. It takes around 2.5 to 4 hours to reach the top from Nathia Gali. Total length of the track is around 3.5 KM. This is a dry track. You should take water along.

Trek to Miranjani Peak

You have to take a right towards Governor House before Nathia Gali. This road would take you to a signboard saying Namli Mera Waterfall. Take a left from this signboard. You would be in front of a small house with a parallel sitting area. This house is actually a Wildlife office and behind the sitting area is the track to the top of Miranjani Peak.The track would be rigorous for the beginners as the elevation at the start & end of the track is high. The track is covered with tall trees and patches of dirt and pebbles. While at the start and end, there are large sized stones on the track.

Miranjani Top

Miranjani top is marked with a 30 feet high pole. This is the highest point on Miranjani. You can witness Pir Panjal mountain range in the kashmir, Makra & other peaks of Naran and even Nanga Parbat from the top of Miranjani. You can also witness Mushkpuri from the top of Miranjani.

Namli Mera Waterfall

Namli Mera Waterfall is a small beautiful waterfall just ahead of the Wildlife Office. It is probably the only waterfall in the area. This is an artificial waterfall

Pro Tip

This is a pro-tip for all of you out there. The locals usually insist to buy break shoes and socks or rent out horses or trekking sticks. They are just scamming you as horses can’t go up to the top as the end of the track is very steep. Break shoes or socks or trekking stick isn’t required at all during this track. Break shoes/socks are required for track to Mushkpuri during snowfall as walking on snow isn’t easy.

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