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Pakistan is a country in south asia with many beautiful places to explore and visit. Pakistan covers an area of 881,913 sq km and there are thousands of hidden places to explore in Pakistan. There are 4 provinces & 3 administrative regions in Pakistan. Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtukhwa & Balochistan are the 4 provinces. While the 3 administrative divisions are Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Islamabad Capital Territory.

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Hidden Places to Explore in Pakistan

Although, there are a number of famous tourist spots in Pakistan. We are stating rather lesser known areas to explore in Pakistan. These areas are not quite famous but are rather beautiful. First of all, I must state the numbering is not based on any/all classifications.

Soon Valley

Soon Valley is situated in Khushab District of Punjab Province. Khushab is located on Sargodha-Mianwali Highway. Soon Valley is a tehsil of the Khushab District. It is almost 90 KM in length. The valley is blessed with lakes, ponds, forests and mountains. Nowshehra is the capital town of the valley. Sakesar is the highest point in the valley. Pakistan Air Force has established a Radar and Communication setup at Sakesar. The largest lakes in the valley are Uchhali and Khabekki Lakes. Both of these lakes are Wild Life protected areas, so you can’t do any sort of hunting. There’s a mughal era garden in the valley, Kanhatti Garden. There’s a beautiful waterfall in the garden. Remains of a centuries old fort are just besides the khabekki lake at Akrand. That’s enough for now. Now go and explore more out of this valley yourself. You can read our traveler’s guide here.

Chajooa Forest

Chajooa Forest is a town and forest in Samahni Valley. Samahni Valley is a valley in Bhimber District of AJK. Chajooa is known for wild peacocks, natural streams and mountainous fields. You can reach the forest from Chowki Village in the valley. The area is full of natural water streams, greenery and peacocks.

Fort Munroe

Fort Munroe is a hill station in Dera Ghazi Khan district of the southern punjab. It lies on national highway between Multan & Quetta. It is the only place in southern punjab with a regular snowfall in winters. There’s a small lake and PTDC Motel in the town. The residents of the town are baloch tribes, mostly “Qaisrani”.

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park covers 1,650 Square Kilometers of area along the Makran coastal area in Balochistan Province. It is the largest national park in Pakistan. The Park is home to many of the rare species on our planet including wild Sindh ibex, Baluchistan urial and chinkara gazelle. The park provides excellent opportunity for explorers and tourists alike to witness nature. Famous Kund-Malir Beach & Princess of Hope are located in this park along with Pakistan’s oldest temple. There are also Mud Volcanoes in the park.

Phander Valley

Phander Valley is one of the most beautiful valley’s in Pakistan. It is located in Ghizer District of Gilgit Baltistan region. The valley can be accessed during summer from Gilgit and also from Chitral. Phander Lake is the largest lake in the valley. The valley is a great tourist spot with forests, lakes and streams in a unique blend.


Jamrud or Jamrood is a town located in Khyber district of KPK. The district is famous for the famous Khyber Pass. It is the main town connecting Peshawer with Kabul. Nearly all of the ancient era invaders of South-Asia entered through this town including Alexander the great, Mughals & Mongols. The town is famous for “Patti Tikka”, which a type of BBQ, wrapped in a leaf-like thing called “Patti”

Jarogo Waterfall

Jarogo waterfall in Chatekal valley of Matta tehsil, District Swat,  some 55 kilometres from Mingora is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the World. It is largely unknown among the tourists, even locals had the rare opportunity to see the beauty nested in dense forest. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Pakistan. Chatekal Valley in Swat as a whole is very much unexplored. There are hundreds of tourist destinations unexplored and hidden in the dense forests of the valley.

Gorakh Hill Station

Gorakh hills are a tourist attraction approximately 424 KM from Karachi, Sindh. It is situated in the Dadu District of Sindh Province. It is at an elevation of 1,734 M above sea level. Temperature falls below zero in winters and upto 20 degrees Celsius in summers. It takes around 8 hours from karachi to the Gorakh Hill. Along the way you can witness shrine of Sehwan Sharif.

Moola Chotok

Mulla Chotok or Mulla Chatok is a tourist retreat in Khuzdar district of the Balochistan province. It is located at a distance of 80 KM from the main town of Khuzdar. Elevation of the Chatok is around 1,237 M above sea level. There are a number of Waterfalls, water streams & ponds ultimately falling into the Mulla or Moola river. The river is one of the largest rivers in Balochistan.

Taunsa Ramsar Site

Taunsa Ramsar Site is a protected wet-land over Taunsa Barrage. It is located at a distance of 16 KM from Kot Addu. You can witness Indus Blind Dolphin in these waters. World’s largest concentration of Indus Blind Dolphin exists between Taunsa & Guddu Barrages. There are many river-islands at or near the site.


Sardaryab is a tourist resort in Charsadda District of KPK province. It is located over River Kabul along Peshawer – Charsadda Highway. The destination is famous for boating during low tides & the fish, cooked in the riverside restaurants. The fish is cooked on wood and has a unique smell of wood, which is amazing. The boats are decorated with bright colored clothes and mirrors to attract the tourists. There are boats with capacity up to 100 persons.

Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake is a beautiful lake in Neelum Valley in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It is at a distance of around 100 KM from Muzaffarabad. The lake is reachable only on a 4×4 vehicle during July – October each year. The road is closed for the rest of the year due to heavy snowfall. It is one of the largest lakes in the valley. You can read about the lake in detail here.

Sharan Forest

Sharan Forest is a dense natural forest in the Mansehra District of KPK Province. The forest is accessible via a 4×4 drive from paras. The forest is an excellent retreat for the tourist, hikers & trekkers alike. There are some high peaks in the forest. Manshi is a plateau adjacent to the forest over a hilltop at an elevation of around 2,867 M above sea level

More places to explore in Pakistan

Some of the places to explore in Pakistan and are not very famous among tourists includes Kotli Sattian, Tilla Jogian, Saidu Shareef, Attock Bridge & Makli graveyard.

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