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Lahore is the capital city of Punjab. It is the second-most populous city in Pakistan with a population of 11 Million. Latest census was held in the city in 2017. The city is located in the north-eastern end of Punjab province, near the border with the Indian state of Punjab. Lahore is one of Pakistan’s wealthiest cities with an estimated GDP of $58.14 billion as of 2014.
The city is the historic cultural center of the Punjab region. It is the largest Punjabi city in the world. It has a long history, and was once under the rule of the Hindu Shahis, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, and the Delhi Sultanate. Lahore reached the height of its splendor under the Mughal Empire, serving as its capital city for a number of years. Also the city was central to the independence movements of both India and Pakistan. The city being the site of both the declaration of Indian Independence, and the resolution calling for the establishment of Pakistan.
Furthermore, Lahore is one of Pakistan’s most liberal cosmopolitan cities. It also exerts a strong cultural influence over Pakistan. The city is a major center for Pakistan’s publishing industry. It remains the foremost centre of Pakistan’s literary scene. The city is a major center of education in Pakistan, with some of Pakistan’s leading universities based in the city. Lahore is also home to Pakistan’s film industry, Lollywood. It is a major centre of Qawwali music. The city also hosts much of Pakistan’s tourist industry, with major attractions including the old Walled City, numerous Sikh shrines, and the Badshahi and Wazir Khan mosques. Lahore is also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens.

Places to visit:

These are few most visited tourist spots in Lahore

  • Minar-e-Pakistan
  • Badshahi Masjid
  • Shalamar Gardens
  • Shahi Qila
  • Iqbal’s Tomb
  • Masjid Wazir Khan
  • Shahi Hammam
  • Lahore Museum
  • Bara Dari
  • Noor Jehan’s Mausoleum
  • Maqbra Dai Anga
  • Tomb of Ali Mardan Khan
  • Wahgah Border
  • Bagh -e- Jinnah
  • Javed Manzil
  • Qaddafi Stadium, Gulberg
  • Grand Jamia Masjid, Bahria Town

Furthermore high street shopping destinations in the city are:

  • Liberty
  • M. M. Alam Road
  • Emporium Mall
  • Fortress Square
  • Mall of Lahore
  • Model Town Link Road
  • Panorama, Mall Road


The city is famous for it’s foods & Masalas across the globe. Some of the most famous food chains exists in the city along with a number of local restaurants & food stalls. Since Lahori’s are meant to eat a lot. So, some of the most famous local restaurants & food stalls in the city:

  • Phajja Paye, Taxali Gate
  • Pardesi Restaurant, Anarkali
  • Khalifa Nan Khataye, Garhi Shahu
  • Chacha Bussa ki Barfi, Ichhra
  • Bund Pluster, Islam-pura
  • Waris Nihari, Abkari Road
  • Muhammadi Nihari, Abid Market
  • Kasuri Faluda, Ichhra
  • Yousaf Faluda, Anarkali
  • Fiqa ki Lassi, Gawalmandi
  • Haji Sardar ki Machhli, Gawalmandi
  • Haji Sardar Smoked Fish, Bhatta Chowk
  • Goga Naqibia Chany, Model Town
  • PC Manzoor ki daal, Punjab University New Campus
  • Khan Chapli Kabab, R.A. Bazar
  • Zakir Tikka, Cantonment
  • Butt Karahi, Lakshmi Chowk

Some of the most famous International brands operating in the city:

  • KFC
  • McDonalds
  • Subway
  • OPTP
  • Pizza Hut
  • Big Man’s Pizza
  • Bombay Chowpatti

Super Markets:

Some of the most famous super markets in the city includes:

  • Fortress Square
  • Emporium Mall
  • Packages Mall, Walton Road
  • Metro, Model Town
  • Metro, Thokar Niaz Baig
  • Metro, Airport Road
  • Al-Fattah
  • C.S.D, Mall Road


It is the most connected city of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal International Airport is situated in Lahore with over 10 Airlines operating flights to over 50 international & 7 national destinations. City Railway Station at Garhi Shahu connects Lahore to all of the cities along Peshawer-Karachi Railway Lines and along Lahore-Quetta Railway Lines. More than 25 bus operators connect the city with all the cities in Pakistan. There are 3 major bus terminals at Chowk Yateem Khana, Badami Bagh & Thokar Niaz Baig. In addition, there are local buses maintained by city government to all important locations within the city. Also international taxi giants Uber, Careem & Albayrak are operating their fleets within the city limits.

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